Big city expertise
Small town values
International reach

Lisa is an intellectual property and corporate lawyer with over 25 years of experience. She secures trademark and copyright protection worldwide, incorporates companies across Canada and provides a range of related legal services. Her mission is to provide high quality legal work with small town value – accessible, affordable, direct.

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About Lisa

Lisa acts for clients ranging from multi-national corporations to individual entrepreneurs, as well as government agencies, educational institutions, not-for-profits and charities. She manages Canadian TM portfolios for clients worldwide. An early adapter of the virtual practice model, Lisa has been offering high-tech, high-quality service for over twenty years. Lisa’s main focus, however, is on people. She values quality relationships characterized by responsiveness, clear communication and attention to detail. Lisa can also provide direct referrals to other professionals specializing in areas such as human resources, employment, patents and litigation.

International network

Lisa has been of counsel to Symbus Law Group, PLLC (USA) since 2005, providing Canadian trademark services to clients in the US, Europe, Australia and beyond. Likewise, Lisa’s Canadian clients have benefited from access to the international expertise of the Symbus team.

As described by founder, Jan Bader: Symbus is a distributed law firm, meaning that our lawyers are in different locations. For over twenty years, Symbus has continuously developed effective electronic practices without sacrificing client accessibility or the close working relationships of its lawyers. Symbus’ mission is to find the lawyers that know the rules but think like entrepreneurs. We are more interested in advancing the objectives of the business in a direct and cost-effective way than in racking up billable hours. It takes a certain attitude and a lot of experience to think like this. That’s why all of the lawyers at Symbus have been practicing for at least fifteen years, and are responsibly creative in their outlook.

Why choose Lisa?

Big city expertise

Lisa offers trademark and copyright expertise, an area of law traditionally found only in larger cities

Small town values

Lisa believes in building quality working relationships with a focus on value and communication

International reach

Lisa has the expertise and professional network to secure IP protection across Canada and around the world

Contact Lisa

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